Our Projects

We constantly challenge ourselves to solve problems. Here are some of our biggest projects.
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Commercial Development


Mosoblgaz. Personal Account

We have developed a personal account for legal entities, which supports role models and restrictions for individual employees.


4 Specialists

2 Months

Design Cases


Coming Soon

Nexar. New apps for the Automotive Industry Leader

Nexar uses AI to help drivers avoid accidents and make insurance claims. Nexar has received investments from Samsung, Alibaba, and others.




Coming Soon

ERSTE Bank Security. New Ways to Sign Off Payments

The ERSTE token app allows you to control your bank-direct payments and financial permissions from one single place.


Czech Republic

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Our Solutions

Modular Learning Management System

Modular Learning Management System

Our LMS facilitates great e-learning business launches! Our design and development teams handle all the important integrations and personalization. The system is specifically designed to support training and development models to easily streamline the process.

Time-tracking Software

Time-tracking Software

A powerful but simple time management tool that will improve efficiency, reporting, and budgeting.

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