The Qmarketing Agency develops progressive digital advertising for companies operating in the Russian and European markets. It also invests in technological projects and has created the QAcademy for training marketing specialists and entrepreneurs.

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Team Composition

  • 1
  • Account Manager
  • 1
  • Project Manager
  • 1
  • High Middle JS Developer
  • 1
  • Middle HTML/CSS Developer
  • 1
  • Middle QA Engineer
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Tech Stack

  • Vue.js
  • Vuex
4Months (July 2019 — October 2019)
About the Project

QAcademy is an interactive system that trains users how to choose the most effective analytical and promotional tools. Beginning entrepreneurs, marketers, and even CEOs are trained based on real cases. Participants substantially improve their knowledge base and are awarded certificates upon course completion.

Qmarketing enlisted us with the front-end development of the authorization page, user profile, interactive training block, and certificate issuance page. Following completion, our team then integrated the developed pages with the customer’s API.

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