CSSSR Core Values

When developing front-end, we strictly follow the core principles in our work.
We create a clean and clear code that is easy to support.

Clean Code

Clean code is good code. It’s not just important what the code does, but also how it looks.

Clean and clear code makes it easy to support, quickly add new functionality, and make changes at lower costs. Messy, overly complex code causes problems for teams, reduces productivity, and makes the lives of those who work with it later much more complicated.

Whether we are working on a large-scale project that started long before we were involved or are launching a completely new product, we are mindful of putting things in good order. Regular code reviews and technical debt management help us achieve this.

We care about final product quality and our clients' reputation.


We care about the reputations of our clients, which is why we focus on the quality of the final product with careful and thorough testing.

We have QA specialists on each team to ensure a strong development process and minimize the risk of errors in the final product. We apply manual testing and, depending on project needs, automatic tests such as end-to-end, unit, and integration testing. Knowing that our code is tested and reliable, we can be sure it will work perfectly and be easily supported later.

We employ web accessibility standards.


More Internet users have special needs than most people are aware of.

A website designed without applying accessibility principles could lose up to 15% of its audience. Each page and block should be appropriately delivered, so that every user can enjoy it.

We employ web accessibility standards, including but not limited to writing text alternatives for non-text content and making all functionality available from a keyboard.

We employ pixel-perfect development.


We understand how important the little things in design are, and we employ pixel-perfect development.

We never forget that the user experience is essential. Not just now, but into the future. Our goal is to create a quality product that stands the test of time. To ensure this, our developers are the first users of the finished product and we draw our client’s attention to the little details that make a difference. Perfection requires effort.

We carefully consider code architecture and pay special attention to security issues.

Web Security

In addition to being well written, reliable, and user-friendly, web applications must also be secure.

We understand a small vulnerability in an application can lead to significant financial and reputational risks. One incorrectly implemented authorization or payment form can lead to a hack and extraction of user and/or company data. From the beginning, we think carefully about code architecture and pay special attention to security issues, even when client-side security audits are in place.

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