Personal Account Data Filtering / Promotion Campaigns Arbitration


Mindbox develops a customer data platform for marketing automation, implements, and helps use cloud solutions for retail marketing automation in FMCG, retail, e-commerce and other industries with large numbers of customers.

Thanks to the platform, a client can personalize its website with dynamic content and recommendations, set up messages circulation via emails, social networks, and messengers, and ensure loyalty growth by creating virtual loyalty cards and promotions.

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Team Composition:

  • 1
  • Account Manager
  • 1
  • Project Manager
  • 1
  • Middle HTML/CSS Developer
  • 2
  • Middle Front-end Developer
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Tech Stack:

  • React — Redux
  • TypeScript
13Months (May 2019 — June 2020)
About the Projects

We worked on two projects with Mindbox. The first involved the development of a personal account data filtering system. The second was the creation of the company’s unique Promotion Campaigns Arbitration application.

The first project presented a number of challenges including the implementation of the data filtering with an option to add new filters as well as combine them into groups in a tree structure. The end result is a filtering system that supports the needed conditions and nesting levels.

Thanks to our efforts, a user is able to configure fine filtering enabling them to apply several thousand filters after basic data sorting.

The second project also required the development of a complex logic cooperating with a tree structure. Thanks to "Promotion Campaigns Arbitration", a Mindbox client can create new promotions, flexibly setting up rules for interaction of promotions with each other by combining them into groups. Arbitrary nesting of groups is also supported.

An unconventional drag-and-drop feature was developed by us for this application. Using the feature, a user can create a "Promotions" group with various subgroups such as "Discount", "Accrual of Points", "Gift with Purchase", and "Discount by Promotion Code", and then configure each entity’s parameters.

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