CSSSR MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product is the most basic functioning version of a product, which is intended to help guide its future development.

We communicate with the client, select technologies, create an MVP in the shortest terms.

About MVP

An MVP based approach allows you to quickly validate your business idea, get real feedback, and build a roadmap for the final product.

Attempting to build a fully finished product from scratch can make determining its true value and performance difficult. This also risks losing time, money, and even your reputation.

Working on a project step-by-step we finally create a product that meets all the client's requirements.Development process without MVP

It is generally a good practice to launch products first as MVPs, but it is absolutely essential in some situations.

  • Startups

    For those who are at the beginning of their journey.

    • Test the viability of the idea
    • Engage with potential customers
    • Do so with minimal effort, while not sacrificing quality
  • Pitch Investors

    Prove that your product is worthy of funding.

    • Build a real, functioning product
    • Show investors initial feedback and customer demand
    • Continue with the same team after raising funds
  • New Features

    When it’s time to explore new possibilities for an existing product.

    • Launch new functions faster than competitors
    • Get customer feedback and collect data
    • Understand what to develop further

Our Advantages

With us, you can start development in less than a week.

Quick Start

Finding good specialists and gathering a team can take months and costs can run high. With us, you can start development in less than a week.

We are flexible enough in our work, but at the same time we follow the firm principles.


We assemble teams based on the appropriate technologies, scope of work, and budget for each project. Our commitment to efficiency and our core development principles remain constant.

Read about our core values
We continuously improve the quality of our work.

High Level Expertise

We’ve been doing front-end development since 2012, and we are meticulous about hiring. We continuously improve the quality of our work through a system of employee education.

We use methodologies that provide better transparency.


We work with Agile methodologies, employing weekly sprints that help us better plan load, easily break down tasks, and provide better transparency.

Read about how we work



Provide us with your design layouts and other required information.


We help you choose the most suitable technology stack, assemble a team, and start bringing your ideas to life.


You collect feedback and determine the next steps.

Let’s work together!

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