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Flant company is engaged in elaborating fault tolerant IT infrastructures on the basis of Kubernetes. It provides processes of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), 24/7/365 operation of applications. Flant is the first certified Kubernetes service provider in Russia.

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Team Composition

  • 1
  • Account Manager
  • 1
  • Project Manager
  • 1
  • Senior HTML/CSS Developer
  • 2
  • Middle HTML/CSS Developers
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Tech Stack

  • Pug
  • SCSS
  • JS
2months (July — August 2019)
About the Project:

Our team was engaged in Flant landing pages elaborating. We developed and tested 7 pages, adapted them for viewing on any device, including Retina, and adjusted customer’s CRM application form.

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We had no time to warm up. We worked in a way that from page concept until its implementation beginning was literally one night. At such a pace, there was simply no room for experiments or organization of our own front-end development process. We needed a timely result with guaranteed quality. That’s why we didn’t think for a long time: we came to CSSSR as we repeatedly crossed paths with the guys’ work for the projects of our clients and understood very well what output we will get. It’s cool that all our expectations of the result were fully met. Moreover, the CSSSR framework allowed us to further develop the project on our own (though at a much slower pace). Investments in a stormy start with CSSSR still justify themselves up to now.

Aleksandr BatalovGeneral Director

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