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Mosoblgaz is one of the largest gas distribution companies in Russia providing natural gas distribution throughout the Moscow Region. By using Mosoblgaz services one can apply for connection to gas networks, monitor the account balance and control gas consumption using his/her personal account on the website or in a mobile application.

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Team Composition

  • 1
  • Account Manager
  • 1
  • Project Manager
  • 1
  • High Middle JS Developer
  • 2
  • Middle HTML/CSS Developer
  • 1
  • Middle QA Engineer
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Tech Stack

  • React
2months (June 2019 — July 2019)
About the Project:

We have developed a personal account for legal entities, which allows to get quick access to Mosoblgaz services, forward documents for approval, get a detailed report on expenses or make a request to connect an object to the network.

The personal account supports role models and restrictions for individual employees.

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