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How Outsourced Teams Are Organized

We provide clients with well organized development teams. As a rule, teams include 2-5 front-end develops including a team leader, 1-2 QA engineers, and a project manager.
We provide clients with well organized development teams

We can assemble a team that includes back-end developers and systems analysts when required. Occasionally, we divide functionality and employ several teams on larger projects to provide lean and efficient results.

The team is usually joined by a product manager from the client side and others as needed. This helps strengthen relationships and seamlessly integrate new processes.

The result is close cooperation with other client teams and the development of a clear understanding of responsibilities and transparency of processes.
We can also assemble a team comprising of back-end developers and systems analysts

Standard Development Methodology

We work with Agile methodologies


We work with Agile methodologies, but do not blindly follow a particular doctrine.

We use a mix of scrum and kanban, employing weekly sprints that are convenient for clients.

In a classic scrum, at the end of a sprint a set of functionality is rolled out for production. Our weekly sprints, on the other hand, are fixed agreements on a certain amount of work that must be completed within a given timeframe. For example, we may complete some features, but testing could be scheduled and completed in the next sprint.

To control code quality, we employ a code-review process

Code Review

To control code quality, we employ a code-review process that the whole development team participates in with specific rules.

For example, each pull request must be approved by at least two developers. Only after approval can the code be put into a stable branch. In code review, we focus on business logic, code readability, architecture, and APIs.


  • We work on an hourly basis. For this purpose, we have developed our own time tracker that helps us pay salaries and generate client reports.
  • We provide weekly reports to keep clients aware of the current workload and adjust processes as necessary. We can generate reports in various formats on request by task, project, working day, specialist, sprint, etc.
  • All documentation is automatically generated according to a template, which minimizes the risk of errors.
  • We have a dedicated manager who is responsible for the documentation and promptly assists with any questions.
We work on an hourly basissquaresquaresquaresquare

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