We use open-source tools and resources that are supported and continuously improved by the community, and thus are the most reliable and flexible. We keep a close eye on web development novelties, but do not forget about the best standards.

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We use all modern features of JavaScript, but we also apply tools that allow our projects to work in old versions of browsers, including old versions of IE.

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We also use TypeScript and Flow to add static typing support in JS. This helps us to write flexible and reliable code.

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Оne of the most popular libraries for solving various development tasks. It is good for large and complex web applications, as it can be easily used together with many other libraries. But React can be well applied to small projects, including landing pages, as well.

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A library that is very similar to React in its ideology, but close to Angular in syntax. It has difficulties with TypeScript and FlowType support, so we don’t use it very often.

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Angular 2+

A framework that provides a large number of ready-made solutions to standard problems. It is best suited for typical projects where a serious customization of the application architecture is not required.

Automated Testing

Balancing Man

To make our code work consistently throughout the whole development process, to deploy new features faster and to simplify refactoring, we write various auto-tests: unit, integration, end-to-end.

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MongoDB & PostgreSQL

We select databases depending on the project needs and specific tasks: MongoDB  (NoSQL) or PostgreSQL.

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Server-side JavaScript runtime environment. We use it to write proxying back-end, or to implement simple services.

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We develop back-end for our clients as well. We can write on well-proven Java, but we prefer Kotlin — a modern language working on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

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