We bring logic to the world with JavaScriptand dream of the stars

We write code. Our specialty is front-end development for banks, insurance companies, airlines and mobile network operators.

We don’t just work with big companies — we also help startups that are just beginning their journeys.

Dmitriy Chekin, CEO
picture that represents our CSSSR team

We create web services for millions

First and foremost, we’re engineers. Our calling card is finding top-tier, elegant and economical business solutions. We use a variety of tools, technologies and programming languages — most commonly, JavaScript.

geometric figures showing the range of our services: a triangle with the text “MVP”, a circle with the text “Support the development of high load web applications” and a square with the text “Stack migration”


Development and support of high-load web applications

Stack Migration

Time-to-market is important to us

Our software development framework is oriented around sprints, and similar to Scrum methodology. Our sprints generally last 1–2 weeks, and at the end of each sprint, we release a new build and plan product features for the next sprint.

a woman on a bike with a jet pack, showing how quickly we do our job, with the text “We care about time-to-market metrics”

More than 500 completed projects in different industries

Real Estate

Perfectionism is in our DNA

As perfectionists, we like to work through every detail, building elegant, and architecturally complex solutions. We think that details are what make the difference between just okay projects, and market-changing solutions. But perfection can be even more dangerous than procrastination at times, which is why we’ve tamed our near maniacal attention to detail to focus on our clients' business requirements.

a man who neatly and meticulously cuts geometric bonsai, showing our desire to do everything perfectly, with the text “We born with a gene of perfectionism”

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