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CSSSR specializes in front-end web development services

We’re an international IT company that specializes in front-end web development services to help our clients build reliable web solutions.

We Create Web Services for Millions

We believe attention to detail and well established business processes differentiate successful projects and those that are just average.

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There is no perfect framework or library. Depending on the type of task, we choose the most appropriate tools. We keep a careful eye on emerging web development trends and never compromise best practice.

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We take a goal-oriented approach across a wide range of industries

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We’ve built a strong digital presence for many banking and financial services.

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We help our clients in the highly competitive e-commerce industry win each new customer.

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Information Technology

We push IT-companies to the cutting edge of technological progress.

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Media & Marketing

We deliver high-quality experiences capable of handling large-scale data and any scale of concurrent users.

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What We

Headquartered in Singapore, CSSSR is a group of companies that brings together top talent based around the globe to produce the highest quality results.


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Our Other Projects

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We’ve created an app that helps us manage time on our projects. Give it a try.

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A front-end e-learning platform developed by CSSSR. Currently available only in Russian language.

Ready to join our team and enjoy all the benefits of remote work on a full-time basis?

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