We make the world more logical with JSand dream about space

We specialize in front-end outsourcing for banks, insurance companies, airlines companies and mobile network operators.

However, our services are not just for large companies — we’re open to startups who are just at the beginning of their journey.

Dmitriy Chekin, CEO
picture that represents our CSSSR team

We create web services for millions to use

We’re engineers, and our true calling is to find the most elegant and economical solutions for business challenges. We use a variety of tools, technologies and programming languages, but more often than not, we use JavaScript.

geometric figures showing the range of our services: a triangle with the text “MVP”, a circle with the text “Support the development of high load web applications” and a square with the text “Stack migration”


Support and development of high load web applications

Stack migration

Open source technologies only

We are the part of the global community of developers who use popular open source technologies and frameworks, such as React, Angular, Vue, Node and many others.

We care about time to market metrics

Our methodology is similar to Scrum and involves working with sprints. Our sprints generally last one or two weeks. At the end of each sprint, we release a new build version and plan product features that will be developed in the next sprint.

a woman on a bike with a jet pack, showing how quickly we do our job, with the text “We care about time-to-market metrics”

More than 450 completed projects in different industries


We were born with a gene of perfectionism

Most of us are perfectionists. Perfectionism is far more dangerous than procrastination — and we have tamed it. That is why our code is architecturally complex yet elegant, and our attention to detail is almost maniacal — but only if justified by the business requirements. In our opinion, it is focus on details that makes the difference between average and successful projects.

a man who neatly and meticulously cuts geometric bonsai, showing our desire to do everything perfectly, with the text “We born with a gene of perfectionism”

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