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Modular Learning Management System

Build your solution from the available modules, and add anything you need with the help of our development team.

By using a modular learning management system you can build your solution from the modules.

Magnificent Modules

We’ve built an assistant based on Google Dialogflow.

Intelligent Assistant

Innovative Built-in Support and Integrations

We’ve built an assistant based on Google Dialogflow that provides unlimited possibilities in integrating our LMS with other apps.

This enables users to communicate with the platform in a way that is most comfortable for them.

Add Gamification

Boost Motivation & Enhance Experience

Boost users motivation up with an achievements and rewards system.

Everyone loves gamification features. Increase user motivation with achievements and rewards that can be customized any way you like. Endless variations are possible from basic to advanced RPG-style systems that integrate skills, quests, and other bonuses.

Boost user motivation with an achievement and reward system. It can be customized to any level you prefer from a basic to advanced RPG-like integrated system with skills, quests, and bonuses.

Core Modules



All of the core tools for managing courses and tasks.

  • Course and Task Management Systems

  • Publishing

  • Scheduled and Automated Deliveries



A set of instruments for tutors.

  • Task Assessment

  • Rights and Access Management

  • Reporting System

  • Statistics and Analytics



The main part of the platform is available for students.

  • Interactive Tasks and Lessons

  • Personal Dashboard

  • Progression System

  • Discussion System

Custom Design

We have a design team that will customize LMS to match your brand identity. You can change anything you need. Click the icons below to see how it works!









We have a design team that will customize the LMS to match your brand identity.

Add anything you need with our

Agile Development Team

We’ll provide you with a development team based on the project desired functionality and timeline.

We’ll provide you with a development team based on your desired functionality and project timeline. Over the years, we’ve established impeccable internal processes. Our developers work with modern technologies to achieve excellent results.





Advanced Feature Ideas

By using advanced features ideas you can add any payment provider you like.

Add Any Payment Provider You Prefer

Though we have the most popular providers built into our system, we’re aware that there is no perfect solution that fits everything. We can make modules work with any provider, bank, and even cryptocurrency. Whatever you need, we can do as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Add any payment provider you need

Payment Provider Integration

Add any payment provider you need.

Configure learning programms based on skills

Skills-based Learning System

Configure learning programms based on skills.

Choose the learning program and watch how skills grow

Rating System

Choose the learning program and watch how skills grow.

Connect the LMS to your own unique tools and systems

Ecosystem Integration

Connect the LMS to your own unique tools and systems.

Let’s work together!

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