Working at CSSSR
CSSSR is a ray of light in the dark realm of corporate evil

Dream job CSSSR

How do we hire?

Recruitment process at CSSSR consists of several stages. Typically you need to complete a test task, pass an interview with our recruitment team, impress us during the technical interview and get along with your potential future boss. The entire process takes one to two weeks, but as experience shows, the result is worth it.

Dream job CSSSR

Whom do we hire?

All the employees at CSSSR are exceptional — we are united by our strive for perfection. Only the most talented, ambitious, persistent, assertive, smart people with a great sense of humor make the cut. It is no secret that we give the green light primarily to those candidates who want to be a part of our team, who like our concept and share our core values.

Dream job CSSSR

About remote work

Being a 21st century successful company doesn’t mean sitting face to face in an office. The majority of CSSSR employees work wherever they see fit: at home, in a coffee shop, in a traffic jam, in the airport, on the Indian Ocean beach, outside the Solar System (as long as there is any internet connection).

But don’t think that not having to commute to an office means less responsibility and more free time. The first requirement for remote work is an ability to organize your own work process and to work full time without excuses.

Dream job CSSSR

Our job opportunities are also listed on LinkedIn and Facebook.