Project case

The platform Professionals 4.0connects major corporations with talented contractors

is a subsidiary of Gazprom operating in the oil and gas industry. As of 2020, its market capitalization comprises around $20 billion, making it one of the most influential and capitalized companies in Europe.

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The Challenge

Gazprom Neft decided to build a platform to connect talented individuals to corporate projects that would require their unique skills. Its implementation saw several independent teams, including CSSSR, working in close collaboration under quick release cycles.

The Task

We had to build the front-end of the platform that would enable a whole set of communications, technologies, processes, and services to facilitate the interaction between individuals and companies that may need their involvement.

The Result

2Months from MVP
to public release
2major releases
per month

I would like to emphasize the professionalism and effectiveness of the CSSSR team in their solving complex problems and the commitment to meet all project plans and goals.

Darya SkatovaProject Manager, Gazprom Neft

Project Timeline

  • 2018
  • January 2019April 2020
  • Present day
  • Pre-existing MVP
  • Development
  • Support

Team Composition

We assembled a team of an Account Manager, a Project Manager, a Systems Analyst, Developers, and Quality Assurance еngineers.
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Project Management

Our project manager interacted with the customer team in their preferred environment: Slack, JIRA and Confluence

She ensured that all tasks within development phases are carried out timely or reasonably flexed.

The project manager suggested and supervised the transfer of some of the project’s logic from back-end to front-end to ensure the timely release of the features.

Our project manager used CSSSR’s in-house combination of Scrum and Kanban methodologies to ensure the timely delivery of quality products and worked in a shared space with the customer and other project teams.

Systems Analysis

Our systems analyst worked out the platform functionality requirements.

During the development process, they were working hand-by-hand with the client’s product manager helping to transform users’ stories into well-documented feature requests and technical specifications both for front-end and back-end parts of the project.

Understanding the needs of customers and candidates alike improved the initial concept for user experience and interface.

Girl with radar picture

Section aimed to select a performer by required skills

Winners podium

Identifying spots of the chat integration into the project contractor selection process

Greeting two men

Updating the customer's flow assessment of the performer upon the project completion and vise versa.


Our developers used React / Next.js staсk to boost up the development progress rate. They also accelerated the website operation through server-side rendering (SSR).

The final product boasted low resource requirements and high speed of operation with SEO optimization implemented.

The development team created a single space for all project-related reference data to accelerate their operations. All agreements, guidelines, schedules, and code and components structure were placed in a single wiki-like database. That made the implementation of complex features faster and more efficient.

Our developers created and implemented some notable solutions to augment and accelerate the development cycle, including:

Graph arrows

Implementation of a complex user journey graph

Social icons

Meta tags, open graph, human-readable URLs for efficient SEO

Cube icon

Usage of Jenkins + Kubernetes to facilitate front-end deployment

Chat icon

Proprietary fork of an open-source chat service for faster inter-team interaction

Quality Assurance

QA engineers ensured due quality testing under tight deadlines and frequent release schedules.

Our QA team worked along with the back-end QA team to create a seamless environment for cross-referencing of the tasks.


profit margin from using test automation based on ROI calculations as compared to manual testing.

Specialist profileScreen with a list of company projects
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For over a year, we’ve been working with CSSSR on this project which is very important to our company and to me personally. I would like to emphasize the professionalism and effectiveness of the CSSSR team in solving complex problems and the commitment to meet all product plans and goals. The friendly atmosphere and rapport the CSSSR team helped to create also deserve my sincere commendation.

Darya SkatovaProject Manager, Gazprom Neft

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