Frontend development

In CSSSR, we believe that tomorrow is with client-side development and JavaScript.  We don’t create prototypes, design, CMS or APIs, but we turn PSD to HTML layouts and then make them interactive using JS.

High production capacity

All projects in CSSSR are carried out by our own developers who have signed NDA and contracts  and are legally responsible for the work they do. All the developers are divided into five independent  teams that can deliver huge projects with continuous support or lots of quick small projects simultaneously.


Every page, feature, block, and element goes through several stages of manual testing before the final releases  are made. Not only we test the UI for bugs, but we also pay attention to UX and make every interface usable and  accessible. Moreover, we can cover our JS-code with tests if needed; for instance, while developing single-page  applications.

Portfolio > 200 Projects

Most of our projects are made in Russian. But we do have some foreign projects:AppDaddy Landing-PageCardberry Landing-PageBeluga (Russian Vodka) websiteUI to Impact FactorsYouWay websiteJames Victor's website

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We specialise in HTML5/CSS3 layouts and modern JS-frameworks like jQuery, BackboneJS and AngularJS.  In addition, to speed up our development process and automate regular tasks, we use a wide variety  of reliable or bleeding-edge technologies. Our favourite ones are Grunt, Jade, Stylus and BEM.

In case you have specific requirements or your backend dictates some, we’re ready to adjust to anything, be it Gulp, Bower, Haml, Sass/Scss, Less, CoffeeScript or Bootstrap.