To reinforce our growing marketing team we are looking for a talented and passionate person who loves to explore new topics, enjoys the process of writing and understands how texts help to increase conversion rates.


  • be a proactive researcher and innovator in developing new articles;
  • write, write and write texts and articles in English (possible topics are IT, remote work, time management, e-learning, prevention of tunnel syndrome caused by too much writing — why not :)
  • create marketing texts for landing pages and email newsletters;
  • bring new ideas, as much as possible :)


  • perfect literacy and fluency in English (C1);
  • ability to write in various styles according to official products’ ToV;
  • basic awareness of IT-products and web development;
  • experience in writing long reads (preferably on the above-listed topics);
  • ability to independently gather and analyze information;
  • SEO experience in English texts as an advantage.


  • an open-minded team that welcomes creative ideas and new trends;
  • ability to work from anywhere in the Galaxy (if there is the Internet);
  • part-time job (with a possibility to extend to full-time in 6 months);
  • opportunity to grow with the team and become a content marketing manager;
  • unlimited jokes.
Copywriter career at CSSSR


Imagine there is no heaven and you need to write an article on the topic «IT-outsourcing market in Europe and/or the United States». The purpose of the article is to show that IT-outsourcing is a good opportunity for companies to speed up and strengthen their development team. Type of article: a long read for Medium. Create the structure and write one of the abstracts on your choice (2-3 paragraphs) and provide 3 to 5 references or links to the sources that you used for your research.

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